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Located in Cairo, Egypt, we are a dog and cat rescue that currently has over 300 dogs and 80 cats in our care.



The rescue was founded 5 years ago by a 22 year old Rofia Touhami with a dream of helping the abandoned and unloved animals of the Cairo streets. Originally with two others, Rofia started out the challenging ordeal of opening a rescue.

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Unprepared for the huge amount of resposibility that would come with owning an animal rescue in Egypt, the two partners, despite already contributing financially decided not to proceed and left the dream, but a determined Rofia continued alone.


Already with 25 dogs in her care she needed to get creative and so started posting about them on Social Media and created her own Chance Animal Rescue Facebook page, as without help financially the costs would never be possible.


With a business head on her animal loving shoulders, Rofia made many acquaintances supporting her objective and with their support was able to start taking more and more cases into the rescue. 


Like most of the Egyptian shelters, Chance Animal Rescue is full to the brim with dogs and cats, some of which are severe cases, requiring specialist help. 


Rofia cannot turn away a dog or cat in need and continues to expand on her 320 dogs and 80 cats.

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