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Although cats are considered a sacred animal in Egypt, sadly a majority of the residents are not educated to treat the animals with the respect that they deserve and as a result, they are cast out onto the cruel streets.


With no government run sterilisation/vaccination projects in place, these cats are left to breed out of control and roam the streets where they spread infectious parasites and diseases amongst each other, are vulnerable to abuse or being run over by one of Cairo's 2 million cars on their roads.Sadly, it is even worse for Egyptian dogs, as they are considered a “dirty” animal and many, through lack of education or bad representation fear them.


Despite the street dogs of Egypt being sweet natured, loyal and gentle towards people and animals alike, they are often feared by the residents and treated despicably. Even The Government lays out poison for the dogs, causing them a slow and painful death, with total disregard for their ethical value. Chance Animal Rescue steps in to prevent these tragic events, by rescuing dogs and cats daily from the streets of Cairo, treating their injuries and illnesses and with partners in the UK, USA & Canada, finding some lucky dogs their forever homes with loving families of their own.


Rofia endeavours to find the animals in her care, homes abroad as it is not desirable in Egypt to rehome unwanted animals and instead it is popular to breed animals to meet peoples needs. This is why it is over-run with strays!


The UK, USA and Canada provide desireable locations to send dogs and cats, with the minimal complications.

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